Lutheran Service Organizations


Books, Bible Studies, and other Resources are available here.  
Lutheran Hour Ministries Logo Organization using media resources "Bringing Christ to the Nations -- and the Nations to the Church."  Home of the "Lutheran Hour".  Visit the sight to find broadcast times for your area.
Serve the Lord with Gladness image The Lutheran Women's Missionary League (LWML) is an organization of Lutheran women which seeks to affirm each woman's relationship with Christ and to enable her ministry among the people of the world.
  The Lutheran Heritage Foundation is a mission organization making confessional Lutheran materials available around the world.

The Good Shepherd Institute

Pastoral Theology and Sacred Music for the Church

 The Cranach Institute

A Lutheran Voice in the Public Square


Lutherans for Life:  witnessing to the sanctity of human life based on the Word of God
  The Apple of His Eye ministries works to proclaim Y'shua as the Messiah. 
LAMP-US Lutheran Association of Missionaries and Pilots providing mission and ministry to remote communities in North America.
  Lutheran Bible Translators (LBT)  Working to provide all people the opportunity to hear and read the Scriptures in their own native language.
  Lutheran Braille Workers:  bringing Christ to those who are blind and visually impaired.
Wheat Ridge Ministries  is an independent Lutheran charitable organization that provides support for new church-related health and hope ministries. Our mission statement says it well:  "Lutherans seeding new ministries of health and hope in the name of the healing Christ."