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Sermon Preparation  
Edit -O -Earl (illustrations, based on lectionary) Lectionary at Lunch (exegetic helps) Sermons (CTS Fort Wayne)
OT Sermon Notes (CTS Fort Wayne) NT Sermon Notes (CTS Ft. Wayne) NT Exegetical Notes (Dr. Harold Buls / Rev. Kuster)
Pericope: service notes based on church year (3 year lectionary series) Kretzmann Commentary (Complete)  


Worship Preparation  
Lutheran Hymnals (texts, midi's, etc.) Lutheran Service Book (orders of service) Lectionary
Agenda Hymn Notes (CTS Ft.Wayne) Liturgy Notes (CTS Ft. Wayne)


Ministry Helps  
Daily Lectionary    


Computer Helps  
E Sword (free Bible software) Bible Works (great for original languages) Bible Gateway (search or listen to the Bible)
Online Bible (free Bible software) Christian Computing Magazine  


Church Worker Growth and Support (LCMS newsletter) Concordia Health Plans