Particular Beliefs 10  Lesson Survey A Brief Statement Book of Concord Advanced Intro
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Title Author Description
Witness and Worship in Pluralistic America Faculty, Concordia Seminary St. Louis Missouri Written in response to question arising regarding the rise of pluralism in the American religious environment.
"The Church in the Public Square in a Pluralistic Society" Dr. David Adams.  Assoc. Prof. Concordia Seminary, St. Louis An excellent treatment of theological principles related to the church's presence in the public square. 
Bible Study on the Book of Acts   Dr. Jeffrey Gibbs.  Professor.  Concordia Seminary, St. Louis A 4pt. presentation offered during the Phoenix conference.  Provides excellent insight into how the church deals with controversy.
When Cases of Discretion are Really Cases of Discretion Dr. Robert T.Kuhn, Chairman LCMS Board of Directors, President Emeritus of the LCMS An insightful exploration of how to determine if one should or should not participate as a pastor in a questionable event.
Speaking the Truth in Love Dr. Raymond Hartwig, Secretary of the LCMS Discusses being Lutheran in a world that encourages compromise of one's faith.
Fellowship Historically Understood   Dr. Kurt Marquart.  Professor Concordia Theological Seminary Fort Wayne Explores the principles involved in fellowship and how they have been understood historically.
Religious Pluralism and Knowledge of the True God: Fraternal Reflection and Discussion   Faculty, Concordia Seminary Fort Wayne An exploration of the issues of pluralism and what religious faith is truly acceptable to God.  Also addresses issue of whether Muslims worship the true God.
The Anonymous God Dr. David Adams Discusses unionism and syncretism in light of certain Biblical principles.
Church and Ministry Various Collected papers from 150th Anniversary Theological Convocation of the LCMS
Public Rebuke of Public Sin CTCR Document exploring public rebuke of actions especially of church leaders following the controversy that arose in the LCMS regarding participation in pluralistic services.
Christian Faith and Human Beginnings: Christian Care and Pre-Implantation Human Life CTCR Explores the intersection of ancient beliefs and new technologies.